The Most Efficient Method of Destruction

Shredding renders sensitive important
information completely unreadable.

Employee Files
Financial Information
Confidential Documents
Intellectual Property
Trade Secrets

Flexible Shredding Options

One Time Shredding is the right fit when you know that you have a single batch of items that need to be shredded to complete the job. Whether it’s a small batch or an enormous batch of shreddable materials, a one time shredding project can be scheduled at your convenience.


Ongoing Shredding is ideal in scenarios where you can anticipate a consistent churn of materials that need to be shredded on a regular basis. When you speak with a Texas Security Shredding expert, you can communicate your scenario to align shredding frequency with your unique shredding needs.


Do you have shredding questions?

Sometimes old, outdated, or irrelevant files are simply tossed into the trashcan. As soon as it makes it to the curb or trash can, it can be picked up, examined, and used by someone with malicious intent. Individuals who put important documents into the trash can increase their odds of identity thieves.

Companies that throw important business documents into the trash exposes companies to risk, theft, lawsuits, and fine.

Some shredders cut documents in perfectly vertical lines. Identity thieves can put together the document line by line to reconstruct the information back to it’s complete form. Home shredders doesn’t pulverize the information down to the level that it’s truly unreadable.

It is fairly easy to rack up storage fees for keeping outdated files, especially upon retrieval of old information. Rather than incur expensive fees in document storage, shred outdated documents on a regular basis.

There are everyday items that can so casually be tossed into the trash can, but it’s those seemingly ordinary things with private information that can be used maliciously by identity thieves.