your identity 

Destroy confidential information with 100% confidence through professional-grade shredding. Each time we service you, we strive to provide you with top-notch customer service.

Bank Statements

Your bank statement openly reveals how much money you have in your checkings, savings, and investment accounts. Identity thieves get a glimpse of how much they can spend for their own gain.

Phone Bills

Like clockwork, phone bills arrive to mailboxes and into our homes. Phone bills contain personal information that can be exploited by identity thieves to rob identity or start bogus accounts.

Mortgage Bills

Your mortgage statement is private information. No one who is dumpster diving through your trash should ever find out your outstanding balance, interest rate, or personal information.

Insurance Bills

Whether it is car insurance or home insurance, insurance bills can also lay out identifiable information like name, address, account number. In the wrong hands, this is enough ammunition to start identity theft.

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the best shredding machinery available


We bring the industry’s best for your shredding needs.


The machines shred large quantities extremely fast.


The materials are responsibly recycled to go green.


The pulverized bits of material resemble the size of sand.


Being on-site means that it’s done professionally within minutes of receiving it.


Through video feed or watching shredding technician you can see the process yourself.


We will formally issue a certificate of destruction to you, so you can keep it for your records.


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