Mont Belvieu, TX’s Document Shredding Solution

Mont Belvieu’s first permanent settler was Amos Barber, who built the first home on the hill in 1849. The community that grew up near the Barber homestead was known as Barbers Hill. Seeking to avoid confusion with other offices with similar names, postal authorities suggested a change to Mont Belvieu. In 1890 the Mont Belvieu post office opened with Z. T. Winfree as postmaster. In 1920 the population was estimated at only twenty. The first commercial production at the Barbers Hill oilfield had begun in 1918, and the Goose Creek and Dayton Railroad was completed through Mont Belvieu the following year. The townsite plat was filed in May 1922 by Marion, Amanda, J. W., and Daisy Williams. A cotton gin operated at Mont Belvieu from 1924 to 1935. The most important development was the discovery of more oil at greater depths during the late 1920s. By 1990 some 200 families had been bought out by a dozen petrochemical corporations. With the aid of these local industries the community was rebuilt two miles east of its 1985 location. Among the buildings at the new site were a city hall, seven new churches, and a public school. In 1990 the rebuilt community recorded 1,323 inhabitants. The population grew in 2000 to 2,324 residents.

Dedicated to Keeping Mont Belvieu Safe

Proper document destruction is a very important part of doing business today. Not only does the law require proper data destruction, but clients and employees expect that you will safeguard their private information. Many consumers are concerned about identity theft, which has become the fastest growing crime in the U.S. It is also important to businesses that their trade secrets and confidential information are kept private. The consequences of improperly disposing of confidential information could cost your organization a lot of money, time, and embarrassment. Texas Security dedicates itself to keeping you protected by providing on-site shredding for your business or residence, one-time purges, and convenient drop off service.

Texas Security Shredding is Your Security Information Expert

TSS is committed to helping our clients develop policies and procedures that will safeguard their businesses and customers as well as providing outstanding service and competitive pricing.  TSS is your information security expert. We take our job seriously and are dedicated to providing solutions to our clients by providing:

  • On-Site NAID AAA Certified Document Shredding
  • Assistance with Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • HIPAA Employee Training
  • Identity Theft Prevention Training
  • Shred Days

Why Shred?

Every business collects and maintains sensitive information.  Today, identity theft and information fraud is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.  Many businesses still store paper files, if you are one of those businesses, you may be wondering what to do with those important documents that you no longer need.  The best way to prevent a data breach is to contract with a NAID AAA Certified, on-site shredding vendor. This allows you to have the peace of mind that comes with the ability to observe the entire destruction process. Leaving the decision of whether a document is confidential or not purely to the employee’s discretion carries inherent risks. It is important for your organization to adopt a “shred everything, all the time, in the same manner” policy. Adopting such a policy can minimize your risk of exposure and liability by:

  • Protecting Customers’ or Patients’ Privacy
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Obeying Laws
  • Saving Space
  • Protecting Your Employees and Your Company

With Texas Security Shredding, your employees can always discard sensitive documents in a safe and secure manner. 

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