At this time, we will continue serving our clients unless the client requests us not to service their location due to the virus. If your business will be closed or you will not need service during this time, please email Linda Sinclair (

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented and uncertain times for our community, our country, and the world. One thing we want our customers to always be certain about is Land Shark Shredding’s commitment to keeping your data secure.

Hackers and data thieves often prey on vulnerable people during vulnerable times. While the majority of citizens are acting responsibly and doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19, the unfortunate reality is that criminals are lurking to prey on unsuspecting people.
While we are also being prudent and taking the necessary steps to keep our drivers, office staff, and clients healthy and safe as we continue our business, we also want you to know that your data security is paramount, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. The President of the United States on Tuesday directed that essential business continue even as most states move to “stay-at-home” orders and most commerce has been shut down.

Among the government’s greatest concerns when defining “Essential Services” is that businesses will relax legally required security. Because the improper management and disposition of personal information constitutes a clear and present danger to our customers’ organizations and the welfare of the community, Texas Security Shredding will remain on the job.

Our business meets the aforementioned qualifications in the following categories:

  • Healthcare / Public Health (Security functions)
  • Public Works (Removal of solid waste)
  • Communications and Technology (Secure information management and destruction)

We are happy to accommodate and modify service to fit any of our clients’ requirements or limitations during this time. We have solutions to help you manage and protect the information of remote employees. Your security is never non-essential. We will continue our commitment to keeping your data secure and disposed of confidentially.

Your security is never non-essential. We will continue our commitment to keeping your data secure and disposed of in a responsible manner.

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We will continue to adhere to the recommendations and directives from the CDC and our government officials, as this virus spreads and needs adapt, we will be ready to do the same.